President's Message

By Eric Langenbacher,

Summers just seem to get shorter and shorter. I would like to begin by welcoming all of the new residents, including Georgetown University students, to the neighborhood. Please explore the Burleith Citizens Association website for upcoming events and a variety of useful web-based resources.

There is a lot going on in our community. First and foremost, the Burleith Citizens Association—along with ANC 2E, Georgetown University, and numerous other neighborhood associations—has signed onto a legal petition for review of the FAA’s recently published new flight routes to Washington Reagan National Airport. We will also contribute to the legal/filing fees along with the other petitioning community associations. This was a time-sensitive matter because of the 60-day statute of limitations to appeal the flight paths, which the FAA published on June 25. Many neighbors feel that airplane noise has increased considerably and that the new flight paths in conjunction with the larger aircraft using National Airport are unacceptable intrusions into our quality of life. I hope that the lawsuit will provide relief. The BCA will publicize information as it becomes available. For the record, the legal firm involved is Dentons US LLP.

Second, the August 31 ANC meeting discussed traffic calming measures for Burleith. The BCA Board requested yellow crosswalk signs at four intersections: 37th and S, 37th and Whitehaven Parkway, 35th and S, and 35th and T. We also requested that several parking places on 35th Street, just north of T Street, be restored. The ANC unanimously endorsed a resolution sponsored by Ed Solomon to this effect, so DDOT should respond soon.

Third, the call box restoration project is rapidly coming to completion. I hope you have had a chance to check out the re-painted boxes. The contractor will attach the plaques on the boxes at 36th and S, 35th and Whitehaven, 37th and T, and 38th and S in early September. “Shorty” at 37th and R will take a bit longer because we have to decide what will replace the missing rear door. We will also encase a time capsule in one of the  boxes. We have almost reached our fundraising goal, but there is still a little way to go. Please think about donating—contributions are tax deductible, and the end of the calendar year is around the corner. If it is a sweetener, there will be a reception on Thursday, October 15, to celebrate the completion of the call box restorations and recognize the generous donors who made it possible. While I am on the topic of date saving, please remember that the annual Halloween party at the Tot Lot will be on Saturday, October 31. More details will be forthcoming.

Fourth, the BCA annual meeting is only 10 weeks away, taking place on Thursday, November 12 at the Washington International School. Among other items, we will need to vote on the 2016 board. As our association bylaws state, the nominating committee (this year, Nan Bell, Rich Field, and Liane Jones) will present a slate to me by September 15 and, in turn, I will advise the board of this slate at the September 17 meeting. This slate will be included in the October issue of the Burleith Bell. Additions to the proposed slate of officers and non-officer directors may be made according to the current bylaws, which read: “… any individual not nominated by the Nominating Committee, who is eligible for an officer or nonofficer director position under the bylaws and wishes to be considered for such position by the membership at the Annual Meeting, shall be deemed nominated for such position if he or she submits a written petition signed by individuals representing no less than 30% of the voting membership of the Association, to the Corresponding Secretary of the Association no later than 14 days before the day of the Annual Meeting.”

Fifth, there are various and sundry ongoing issues. The new chiller has been installed at Hardy Middle School, and the temporary one was hauled out on August 27. Although judgment needs to be reserved, so far it appears to be a vast improvement on the noise generated by the old one. Demolition at Ellington has proceeded rapidly over the summer. There will be a building committee meeting soon—so I will report more details in my next missive. The planned bike lane markings on 37th Street have not materialized, but should soon. The city has also continued making improvements to our neighborhood, notably new alleys between S and T between 36th and 37th and between 38th and 39th. I’ve noticed quite a few dead or dying trees, as well as spots where new trees should be planted. The BCA will try to ensure that all of this happens during the fall planting and maintenance season.

Finally, DC Public Schools started on August 24 and Georgetown University will start classes on September 2. Please look out for elementary and middle school students walking to and from school. Even though there are fewer undergraduate students in the neighborhood, we still have numerous rental houses. If there are any issues with noise, trash, etc., please report them immediately. Reporting information is available on our website under About>Good to Know. I think we need to be especially vigilant while the weather is still nice over the Labor Day and Columbus Day long weekends, as well as Homecoming weekend (October 2426) and Halloween, which is on a Saturday this year.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.