Jelleff Survey Findings

By Elizabeth Miller, ANC 2E07, and Kishan Putta, ANC 2E01

Jelleff is in ANC 2E commissioner Elizabeth Miller’s ANC area. Many of Kishan Putta’s constituents also use the facility and grounds.

Jelleff is in ANC 2E commissioner Elizabeth Miller’s ANC area. Many of Kishan Putta’s constituents also use the facility and grounds.

A diverse group of more than 400 community members participated in a survey about the future of the Jelleff Community Center (3265 S Street NW). The survey found a series of insights that could inform the upcoming renovation. There was strong support for fitness and exercise programs for all ages as well as community programming to complement traditional organized soccer and basketball needs.

Findings include:

  • More than 50% wanted Jelleff to include yoga, fitness, and other exercise classes and spaces.

  • Just over 30% expressed strong support for basketball and soccer facilities.

  • 20% wanted more general community-related programming ranging from photography to art classes to movie screenings to senior wellness.

If we take a close look at the survey, it is clear that we should be thinking more broadly about exercise, fitness, and community programming as a way to serve the most residents and make Jelleff as vibrant as possible. — Elizabeth Miller

Taken over six weeks in the winter of 2019, 411 residents filled out the survey via Survey Monkey. More than 85% of respondents lived in 20007 zip code; the other 15% were in neighboring zip codes. Sixty-five percent of respondents were between the ages of 3564 and nearly all had children. Twenty percent were ages 64 and above.

This survey is intended to inform DPR about the community’s needs and priorities. The Georgetown/Burleith community deserves a modernized rec center and seems to want a multipurpose space that serves residents of all ages. — Kishan Putta

Below are a selection of comments registered by survey participants:

  • “Would love to make this a REAL community space!”

  • “It is important to focus on making this a strong community resource providing as best as possible a safe place with a full range of activity spaces for ages pre-K through seniors.”

  • “It is imperative that Jelleff be a multi-generational facility. Now it is only geared to youth.  We have so many seniors in this neighborhood, and we have a need for programs.”

  • “Jelleff needs to be rebranded as open to the community. It feels like a private gym and the activities on their fields/courts always seem associated with private leagues.”

  • “Thanks for surveying the community.”

  • “Very excited to see what the future holds for Jelleff!”

DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation has scheduled a public meeting about field usage on Wednesday evening (time TBD), May 8, at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, please direct any comments about Jelleff to us at and

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