Views on Jelleff Sought


By Kishan Putta,

You may have heard about efforts to revitalize the old Jelleff Community Center located at S Street and Wisconsin Avenue (a block north of Georgetown Neighborhood Library). It is a valuable resource with great history for many in DC. But with a growing neighborhood population, it is long overdue for modernization and improvements.

Jelleff mural.

Jelleff mural.

Many residents have been asking for upgrades, most recently at the DC Council and in follow-ups with the Department of Parks and Recreation. Thankfully, our appeals have borne fruit and DPR is planning to begin a major revitalization process. The first step is hearing more directly from the community, neighbors, and users about your desires, concerns, and ideas. All ideas are welcomed.

There will be an initial meeting on Monday July 23, 6:30–8 pm, at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library, 3260 R Street. Please try to attend to give DPR your input.

If You Cannot Attend:

  • DPR promised there will be more meetings in the fall (we told them that they will likely miss some residents/families who are away for summertime);

  • We will be sending out notes from the meeting shortly afterward;

  • Feel free to call or email me with your ideas/concerns/interests to (202) 320-0058 or (We will forward to DPR).

DPR has not decided what to do with the old building, but says they would like it to serve more community residents of all ages—seniors, children, teens, and adults alike (in addition to the Boys & Girls Club)—and to make it ADA accessible. But they are looking to the community for input. We thank DPR and the Council for supporting the Jelleff Community Center and we look forward to getting as many neighbors' input as possible.

All ideas are welcomed. Hope to see you there! But if not, please email or call us anytime.