Burleith: No to HD


By the BCA Board, bca@burleith.org

The BCA's survey on historic designation, which was open online from June 3 through September 3, attracted 343 respondents. An overwhelming majority responded negatively to the question "Do you want historic designation for Burleith?"

Given this clear result, the BCA Board believes that the matter of historic designation for the neighborhood is closed and does not warrant further discussion by the BCA. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. The board would also like to thank all neighbors who devoted their time engaging in this issue over the last two-and-a-half years.

Here is the breakdown of responses (percentages are rounded to the nearest percent).

Total Respondents =     343
Resident Owners =        241
Non-Resident Owners =  81
Resident Renters =          21

Total Respondents
No – 261  (76%)
Yes –  82  (24%)

Resident Owners
No – 169 (70%)
Yes – 72  (30%)

Non-Resident Owners
No – 78 (96%)
Yes –  3  (4%)

Resident Renters
No – 14 (67%)
Yes – 7   (33%)

Check back later for additional details on survey responses. For background on the BCA's public information and outreach efforts on historic designation and other aspects of managing change, visit the Explore Historic Designation webpage.