GU Campus Plan OK’d

By Nan Bell,


On December 1, following a four-hour public hearing at the DC Zoning Commission, the commissioners passed by unanimous vote the 2017–2036 GU Campus Plan. The five commissioners were extremely laudatory of the work accomplished over the past several years and commented frequently about the difference between this hearing and the hearing in 2012 where dissension ruled. The commissioners not only praised all of the progress, but said that the work of the Georgetown Community Partnership (GCP) should be a model for other schools around the country dealing with town-gown issues. Kumbaya! (The GCP was created as part of the 2010 Campus Plan to facilitate discussion, information sharing, and consensus-based decision making among the pertinent parties.)

Testimony was presented from all sides, beginning with GU vice presidents Chris Agostini, Chris Murphy, and Robin Morey, who explained the different components of the Plan and its  connection to the 2010 Campus Plan. The transportation consultant talked about the new traffic, parking, and other related efforts in the Plan. ANC chairs Ron Lewis (2E) and Conrad DeWitte (3D) and mediator Don Edwards testified, and the co-chairs of the five GCP Working Groups discussed their work. Representing the Burleith Citizens Association, I made a statement as did representatives from the Citizens Association of Georgetown and Foxhall Community  Citizens Association, and the president of the Georgetown University Students Association. The evening was filled with interesting questions from the commissioners and responses from the appropriate representatives. 

I was pleased and honored to speak on behalf of Burleith at this meeting and as a member of GCP’s Steering Committee. I believe that tremendous progress has been made since the 2010 Plan, and that we must continue to be vigilant in pursuing all the goals embodied in this 20-year plan. Thank you all for your support of this work, particularly the Burleith citizens who serve and have served on GCP Working Groups.

Specific Examples of Success

  • Caps on maximum enrollment for students maintained from 2010 Campus Plan (14,106 for grad and undergrad).
  • Three-year requirement for undergrads to live on campus.
  • New dorms that house 385 students, and when considering a move from Magis Row Housing, a total of 450 additional students moved from off campus to on campus. Another 225 student undergraduates will move on campus by 2030.
  • Six working groups focused on Safety and Student Life, Environment and Landlord Initiatives, Data and Metrics, Transportation and Parking, Communications and Engagement, and the ex-officio Master Planning Group that studied and advised on these critical issues to the Steering Committee of the GCP.
  • An extremely effective Office of Neighborhood Life and Student Neighborhood Assistance Program that oversees key quality of life issues for the neighbors and for students.
  • An improved and well-advertised code of student conduct.
  • Improved trash maintenance.
  • Ensured safety of student rental houses off campus.
  • Improved needs of students on campus regarding social life, transportation, green space, improved dorm space, and food availability.

Current Burleith Representatives on GCP Working Groups

  • Safety and Student Life — Dave Bachner and Linda Brooks
  • Environment and Landlord Initiatives — Janice Sims
  • Data and Metrics — Linda Brooks
  • Transportation and Parking — Rob Russell
  • Communications and Engagement — Pat Scolaro

DC Zoning Commission Case No. 16-18 Report and Exhibits

Email from GU President John J. DeGioia to neighbors, December 5, 2016