DC Primary: June 19


Download the Voter Guide for the June 19, 2018 Primary Election to help you participate in the election process. (Due to printer error, information on pages 44 and 45 of the mailed version of the Voter Guide is distorted but clearly presented on page 2 of the online version.)


Sample Ward 2 Ballots

In addition to the candidate contests on the party primary election ballots, voters will also be able to approve or reject Initiative Measure No. 77 (see page 4 of the online Voter Guide). Information about this initiative can  be found at One Fair Wage/DC (in favor) and SaveOurTips.com (against).

The Short Title and Summary Statement for the initiative, which will appear on each ballot, is as follows:

Short Title: "District of Columbia Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2017"

Summary Statement: If enacted, this initiative will:

  • Gradually increase the minimum wage in the District of Columbia to $15.00 hourly by 2020;
  • Gradually increase the minimum wage for tipped employees so that they receive the same minimum wage directly from their employer as other employees by 2026;
  • Beginning in 2021, require the minimum wage to increase yearly in proportion to increases in the Consumer Price Index.

The minimum wage increases under the initiative will not apply to D.C. government employees or employees of D.C. government contractors.

In the primary election, independent or minor party voters may vote to approve or reject the initiative measure on a nonpartisan ballot that will only have the initiative.