Get Scary!

photos by Alex Frederick.

photos by Alex Frederick.

By Rob Russell, Halloween Party coordinator, and BCA Board member

Mark your calendars for the annual Burleith Halloween Party on Sunday, October 28, from 2 to 4 pm at WIS (36th and S Street).

Come in costume and bring some baked treats to share if you can. We'll have costume contests (including for adults) and prizes, games, and more. Bring your cameras to capture one of the most adorable Burleith traditions! If you take photos, please send one or more to for inclusion in the Burleith website collection of event photos (parental permission is required for pictures of children).

And finally, remember that trick-or-treaters will be coming through the neighborhood on Wednesday, October 31, starting at dusk. As a general rule, please remember to keep your porch lights on if you are a participating house, while if you’d prefer to be passed over, then having your porch lights out and blinds drawn is a good way to indicate that.

Hope to see you at the party (and if you want to help, let me know by emailing me at