Housing Survey Results

By the Neighborhood Study Group, burleithdevelopment@gmail.com

Burleith housing is undergoing rapid and significant change. A group of neighbors comprised of Walter Hillabrant, Carol Baume, Ed Levy, and Lenore Rubino (the “Neighborhood Study Group”) has been meeting to discuss how to best determine the views of the community regarding these changes and to investigate solutions if significant concerns are expressed. BCA VP Nan Bell observes the meetings.

In May we conducted a survey to help the community decide what, if any, action to take concerning housing development trends in Burleith.

Please click on the Google Drive link for the results of the survey of opinions.

We appreciate the community's valuable input and hope you will find these results informative. We have shared this information with the BCA board which is reviewing the results.

Feel free to reach us at burleithdevelopment@gmail.com.