Sustainable DC 2017

Information provided by Sustainable DC, Department of Energy & Environment

We're excited to release the 2017 Sustainable DC progress report, which highlights some impressive sustainability achievements across the city. From the launch of the city's climate adaptation plan to planting 14,137 trees, this year's report underscores the importance of innovation, collaboration, and commitment needed to meet the plan's goals. Here are just a few of this year's impressive stats:

  • 72% of the plan's actions are underway and another 25% are complete.
  • 24% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions since 2006.
  • 82% of residents are food secure.
  • 58% of commuter trips are by bike, walking, or transit.

Embarking on the fifth year since the Sustainable DC Plan first debuted, we're kicking off Sustainable DC 2.0, a large-scale community-driven process to update the plan to reflect changes in policies, programs, and technology as we make progress towards the plan's 2032 goals. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the latest events, volunteer opportunities, and more from Sustainable DC!