Call Box Restoration Update

By Linda Brooks and Ross Schipper

Much progress has been made since we last reported on the project in March. We had a surge in donations in April after a lull in March. Thanks to the generosity of citizens and friends of Burleith, we are now at 83 percent of our goal. Your support is still needed, so please donate today either online via credit card or by mailing a donation form and a check to the Burleith Community Fund, PO Box 32262, Calvert Station, 2336 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007.

Project Update. Clean and Polish Building Solutions (CPBS) has been selected to strip, prime, and paint the boxes and manage the subcontractor doing the replication of the few missing parts. The contract wording has been finalized, and the contract is in the process of being signed by the BCA and CPBS. Draft text for two of the plaques has been sent to Artistic Bronze, the vendor selected to create the custom-made plaques detailing aspects of Burleith history. On-going discussions are taking place about the materials and look of the plaques.

The locations and plaque topics for the five fire call boxes are:

  • 35th & Whitehaven—Introduction to Burleith
  • 36th & S—The Origins of Burleith
  • 37th & T—Famous Burleith Residents
  • 38th & S—The Evolution of Burleith
  • 37th & R—Patriotic Pride and Espionage

More information about the project, including photos and a link to a list of current donors, is available here and in the January, February, and March “What’s Up” BCA website posts.