Alley Repaving Wows 39th Street Residents

By Ann Carper

Residents of 39th Street (above T) are thrilled with their new alley, which was repaved last month under the direction of DDOT’s Infrastructure Project Management Administration. After a delay due to February’s unexpected snowstorms, a contractor’s crew and several pieces of heavy equipment swept in to remove the disintegrated paving, prepare the surface, and pour and smooth concrete. The team’s perfectionism is especially evident in the scored concrete sections and the rounded edges at the ends of the alley. Grading allows rainwater to flow into storm drains rather than pool in the alley.

If your alley needs repair or repaving, please visit DDOT’s website. Permanent repairs are scheduled annually, based on funding authority and contract availability. My neighbors and I don't know how our repaving came about, but we're most appreciative. If you want to take credit, please let me know!

IMG_7740 - Copy.JPG
photos by ann carper.

photos by ann carper.