Featured Advertiser: Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation


The mission of the Center for Aphasia Research and Rehabilitation (CARR) is to encourage collaboration among faculty members, research associates, and speech-language pathologists, with the goal of integrating their research findings on stroke, aphasia, and normal cognition into the creation of more effective aphasia treatments. We study how language is processed in the normal brain; how language breaks down in a brain damaged by stroke, head injury, or dementia; and how the brain recovers language functions—with or without therapy—in the months and years following the injury. Techniques employed include behavioral studies, treatment studies, functional magnetic imaging (fMRI), and eye-tracking.

You may be able to help us. A CARR research study at Georgetown University seeks native English speakers aged 50 or over with 10+ years of education and no history of substance abuse, neurologic, or psychiatric problems. Name pictures or similar language tasks. $20 payment for one session lasting approximately two hours. Call (202) 687-0016.