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Georgetown library: Tudor Place during WWI

Submitted by Wendell Kellar, DC Public Library,

Stop by the Georgetown Neighborhood Library for the next Book Hill Talk: "On the Home Front: Tudor Place and the Peter Family during World War I."

Tudor Place was the Georgetown home of the Peter family from 1805 until 1983. This lecture will look at how the house, the family, and their servants were impacted by U.S. entry into World War I. 

Using documents, photographs, and objects from the Tudor Place archive and museum collection, Curator Grant Quertermous will examine Armistead Peter 3rd's WWI-era military service as a Naval Radio operator here in Washington as well as his parent's support of the war effort through the purchase of Liberty Bonds, canvasing for the United War Work Campaign, and a generous Christmas gift they presented to the troops in 1917.  

The lecture will also examine the ways the Tudor Place household staff made up for shortages related to rationing—such as the baking of "war bread"—bread that was made with one-third the normal amount of wheat flour with either rye, hops, or rice used in place of the absent flour. 

Georgetown Neighborhood Library
3260 R St NW
Washington, DC 20007