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Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market

Staying in town for the long weekend? The market's got everything you need to make your Memorial BBQ a local affair—sausages, pork chops, pickles, kraut, pie, salad greens,  tomatoes, fresh apple cider, cheese, and more!

Folk singer/songwriter, JKolb will performing this week and neighborhood favorite Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck will be rolling in between 10:30–11am serving up summer's best lobstah rolls! Don't forget, Gil will be ready to check over your bike with the free bicycle clinic  from 10 am–1 pm!

The full line-up of lovely local foods can be found here.

Visit for more information on vendors.

Conveniently located in the parking lot of Hardy Middle School across the street from Safeway at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and 34th street, the market is open from through November 21 from 9 am–1 pm.