The Burleith Blues Band, the newest Burleith BSIG, was founded by Patterson Clark in 2019. It continues to develop, with singers, several instrumentalists, and a song writer contributing to the effort. Sessions happen now and then on Sunday afternoons, with breakout sessions on week nights for those interested in exploring 12-bar blues progressions in a variety of keys. The band was conceived to foster musical improvisation, which can flow easily through blues chords and scales—easy to learn for beginners and for those who haven’t picked up their instruments for years. The band provides a relaxed environment where one can explore their own musical voice while collaborating with others.

(Burleith Blues Band members Mark Snyder, Linda Brooks, Patterson Clark (leader), Marilyn Bennett, Lenore Rubino, and Dwane Starlin. Not pictured: Linda and Dick Hall. Photo by Linda Brooks.)