President's Message

By Eric Langenbacher,


Spring has come earlier to Burleith and Washington this year. Indeed, the cherry blossoms reached peak bloom about two weeks earlier than usual. The daffodils are almost done, the tulips are going strong, and soon the irises will reveal their glorious flowers. The warm sun makes this my very favorite time of the year.

Although the BCA does not have any events planned until the spring clean-up on May 21 [new date: June 11] and the summer picnic on June 18, there are still many issues that the BCA board is following. The installation of new water pipes continues on 35th Street. After years of lobbying, 39th Street is finally getting new curbs and sidewalks with installation now underway. And 37th Street should be repaved some time this year. The renovation of Ellington School continues apace, and there should soon be more concrete plans for the hospital addition and the old Fillmore/Corcoran School site. There has not yet been any resolution to the intrusive airplane noise problem from Reagan National Airport, but people from across the city are working hard to address the issue.

I think you all have probably heard that decision-makers decided not to use the Ellington Field as swing space for Hyde-Addison School. That said, there is still a lot of uncertainty around this project. DCPS has delayed the modernization project for a year and has suggested using Meyer Elementary School on 11th Street for the temporary relocation when the work commences. Some Hyde-Addison parents are pushing back on these two decisions and are trying to re-open the possibility of using the Ellington Field. We believe the decision not to use Ellington Field is final, but we will monitor the situation. A resolution to the various issues has been promised no later than May.

At our board meeting on March 17, we decided to alter the policy of the Burleith listserv to allow neighbors to offer certain items for sale. Here is the revised policy:

“Intended primarily for Burleith residents, the BCA Yahoo Groups listserv is sponsored by the Burleith Citizens Association as a community and neighborhood exchange of locally relevant information and discussion. Civility and common sense are expected. Personal attacks are not allowed. As appropriate, individual responses to authors of postings (as opposed to replies to the entire group) are encouraged. 

“Advertisements from commercial or for-profit entities are prohibited. If you would like to advertise in the Burleith Bell newsletter or on our website, please contact Disseminating information about items to be donated or sold by the owner is acceptable as long as the poster is a Burleith resident. Campaigning on behalf of a specific candidate is prohibited, although information about political events of a public interest is acceptable. Other activities of potential interest may be posted at the discretion of the moderator. Please use your judgment in determining what is an acceptable posting.

“The BCA reserves the right to prohibit certain postings, and egregious postings will be removed by the moderator. The moderator will ban repeat violators from continued participation in this site.”

We encourage Burleith residents to sign up for the listserv, take advantage of this new policy, and share views and concerns with the community at large. Within the next several weeks, we will be using the listserv as well as the BCA membership list to conduct a survey soliciting residents’ views on making Burleth a more environmentally sustainable community.