Burleith homes are desirable for three primary reasons: proximity to Georgetown, relatively large property lots, and a “village in the city” feeling. The steady increase in sales prices that began a few years ago continues to push home values higher while inventory remains low.

Developers are active in the neighborhood, purchasing and expanding, with houses with third-floor pop-ups selling in the $1.8M to $2.3M range. However, there are still limited opportunities to buy into Burleith in the $800K range. These properties are usually picked up very quickly by developers. Since the summer of 2017, Burleith homes that have sold in the $800K range have been for true fixer-uppers. A few of the smaller homes on 35th Place that sold were in the $600K to $800K range. Homes requiring some updates have been selling in the $900s. Significant growth has been seen in Burleith’s luxury market with properties expanded in the rear and with high-end renovations selling in the $1.3M to $1.6M range. Considering the low inventory, buyers should be prepared to move quickly once a home comes on the market.

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2018 Burleith Housing Market Report

Month Address Original List Price ($) Sold Price/Status ($)
January 3611 R Street NW 3,295,000 Withdrawn
3513 R Street NW 1,219,000 1,240,000
February 1803 37th Street NW 1,895,000 1,900,000
1920 35th Street NW 1,125,000 1,045,000
3533 T Street NW 799,999 867,500
March 3608 Whitehaven Parkway NW 839,000 900,000
3535 R Street NW 1,295,000 Active
3723 T Street NW 1,050,000 1,185,000
3611 R Street NW 2,999,500 2,965,500
3504 Whitehaven Parkway NW 1,195,000 1,145,000
1949 39th Street NW Off-market sale 935,000
April 1937 39th Street NW 1,050,000 1,050,000
3723 Reservoir Road NW 950,000 950,000
3616 T Street NW 1,995,000 1,995,000
3734 R Street NW 949,000 992,500
3632 Whitehaven Parkway NW 2,485,000 2,365,000
3543 S Street NW Off-market sale 1,140,000
May 3616 Whitehaven Parkway NW 1,045,000 1,115,000
3617 T Street NW 895,000 895,000
3601 T Street NW 1,165,000 1,200,000
3713 S Street NW 1,949,000 1,875,000
June N/A N/A N/A
July 1820 37th Street NW 1,250,000 Active
3812 T Street NW 1,199,000 Active
August 3803 S Street NW 1,995,000 Active

Source: Metropolitan Regional Information System Information is believed to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification. Accuracy of information is not guaranteed. Provided by Lenore Rubino Realtor, Washington Fine Properties, lenore.rubino@wfp.com, (202) 262-1261.

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