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Guy Mason: Library resources demo

Submitted by Cornelia Bell, Guy Mason Recreation Center

Wendell Kellar comes to the center with exciting information on what is available from the treasures of the Georgetown Neighborhood Library. He will demonstrate:

  • How to stream world-class documentaries, award-winning educational films, and instructional videos from PBS, BBC, Ken Burns documentaries and more.
  • How to find and stream movies from a selection of the most significant films of all time. Including 10 micro-collections ranging from "Independent American Cinema" to French, German, Japanese and Eastern European/Russian films.
  • Find and stream thousands of award-winning independent movies, shorts, documentaries and web series from major film festivals from around the world.
  • Find the data bases to help the kids with their class projects.

This demo is invaluable for everyone of all ages. Refreshments will be served after the Q&A session.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by emailing or calling (202) 727-7527

Guy Mason Recreation Center
3600 Calvert Street NW
(202) 727-7527